What’s English and Philosophy like at Boundless?

Studying English and Philosophy at Boundless is not memorization of facts and rules.  We learn by doing in environments and with activities that make you forget you’re in school at all.  We don’t just sit and read a novel, we become the main characters and see the world from their points of view.  Once there, reading, writing and discussing the novel is easy.


Be prepared to truly live and breathe the literature. You and your class will teach, tutor and lean on each other. You’ll go 12 hours a day, while opportunities for adventure-based “recess” abound.

Compared to the outdoor adventures on our other summer credit courses, English and Philosophy at Boundless are tame—venturing deep into the wilderness is not on the agenda.

There will be classroom time. Study time. Writing time. This is real school. But what feels unreal is that you get to learn on an incredibly beautiful 600-acre “classroom” with a pristine river flowing by your bedroom window.

Not an avid book reader before this, he came home asking me for a novel to read. That in itself was a jaw-dropping event!

Why the Humanities at Boundless?

  • We have a curriculum that fits the wide ranging abilities of students. At any grade and any level, kids can catch up or leap ahead on their journeys through high school English in a matter of 13 days.  Philosophy is only offered at a Grade 12 University level and is a great addition to post-secondary applications.
  • We have one teacher for every three students. It means no stone is left unturned when it comes to improving reading and writing and finding a way to engage each student individually.
  • Many of our past students’ grades improved substantially, compared to their marks in their mainstream schools.
  • Our curriculum adds adventure based learning into the mix, making every student’s experience in Boundless English exciting and confidence building.
  • Students learn as a team. They work together and support each other through the hurdles of English. Terms like peer-based or collaborative learning very much apply at Boundless. Students conquer a concepts together.

He was truly thrilled with the support he got from all of the staff, he loved their approachability and availability to help him learn how to improve his writing and strongly feels that this will help him with his other courses this year.

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