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What 13 days of English Looks Like

While we would love to give you a day-to-day schedule, the curriculum of each course depends on the choice of novel, the weather, the mix of grade levels in the class and other variables. However, every student can expect the following:


Our teachers never lecture at you—every lesson includes and is tailored to individual students.


Nine or ten half-days of study-time, assignments, novel reading and essay writing time.




A culminating activity, the details of which are top-secret and will be customized to each individual class.


To have access to a laptop upon arrival for academic purposes only.


To stay in a stunning and modern lodge for a minimum of 10 or 11 nights, sharing a room with two or three other students, and eating a ridiculous number of baked goods.


A “recess” every day, where students do things like swing 60 feet high on our ropes course, take a plunge into whitewater, make crafts, have a jam session, do a mini eco-challenge or hike a mountain.

He learned how to write, how to interpret, how to better describe, how to focus and the list goes on. It was truly an AHA moment for him and he loved every minute of it.

 If only I could have been taught this way and learned how to write essays properly earlier- OH the pain and time I could have saved myself!! Can you believe I’m this excited about English? Screw the regular classroom, I’m going back for grade 12!

Other Course Details

English at Boundless is co-ed and open to any high school student who is in grade 9-12 or doing a “victory lap.” The only exception is grade 8 graduates—if a student is entering grade 9 in September, we have Summer Outdoor Adventure credit courses as an amazing alternative to English. 

You earn bona fide, Ontario High School credits that count towards earning your diploma.  We also offer them at every grade and level so they will also count towards applications to University or College.

Upon completion of the course, students receive a report of achievement (report card) with a grade. A second copy is sent to the home school, where the mark is input into the student’s transcript.

Students are provided with all necessary equipment and supplies needed for the course from pens and novels to tents and canoes. Bring some clothes and a willingness to try something new and we provide the rest.