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Summertime is ideal for grade 9-12 students who want to catch up or get ahead on credits, or to simply have a journey and earn credits in amazing ways. What kind of kid comes here in the summer?

Just about everyone – gifted students, those needing a boost, and everyone else in between.


Students earn one credit per course. We have one teacher for every four students.

We offer outdoor credits for every grade (9-12) that can apply to University/College (Applied/Academic) streams. This includes outdoor education, Co-op, Healthy Active Living and Leadership credits.

Our Outdoor Adventure courses are ambitious. But our focus is more on group process, forging a selfless team that leans on each other and sets the bar high for remarkable achievement.

These journeys are a blast. We are a community of jocks, brainiacs, artists, the shy and the bold all coming together and just being ourselves. Kids let loose here.

Hear from our students:

Thank you for helping R become a more self-assured, successful teenager!


The Summer Outdoor Adventures don’t come with desks, chalkboards and pens. We are pure adventure. Kids come home raving that “School was never like this.”

We are not macho. We don’t care how high a student climbs nor are we a fitness club. We care that a student returns home boasting of their accomplishments and volunteering for dish duty.

We are not a boot camp. While the programs are demanding – make no mistake – we are also gentle, supportive, patient and chilled out.

Our summer programs are not to be confused with our social programs. These run from Sept-June and are never mixed with summer adventures.


Where do we live? Are we staying in tents the whole time?

For Adventure courses about half the time we go out on canoe trips and live in waterproof tents, cook over fires, check out rapids, count shooting stars and eat great food that we lug with us into the wilderness. The camping is beautiful.

The other half of the trip you stay in lodges that are way nicer than a regular summer camp “cabin”. They are modern facilities with all the amenities of home, just a lot bigger. You’ll be sharing a room with 3 or 4 other students.

English is a little different.

What about food? Do we cook?

The food at Boundless is awesome. Ya, we know, we are supposed to say that. But really, the food is honestly great. The baked goods are ridiculous. There will be Boundless chefs who are dedicated to planning and preparing our food. You won’t be expected to cook at our base camp, but come ready to cook and show off whatever chef skills you have on the canoe-trip portion of the adventure.