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Boundless Online English program – NOW FULL. We are no longer taking registrations. 

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From Our Students’ Perspective:

Grade 9, 10, 11 & 12 English

We do not sit in rows of desks and take notes while a teacher drones on.  We invent words.  We film ads.  We create graphic novels 30 feet in the air.  We write poetry while we gaze over beautiful valley lookouts.  We read horror stories in creepy old churches.  We craft short stories that can make you laugh out loud, jump with excitement or shout in dismay. Here English is not a rigid system but the rules to create your own universe.

May be used towards College or University Admission.

Tuition: $2,750

Summer 2020


Due to COVID-19 we will not be operating in the summer of 2020

2021 dates coming soon 

4-Credit Program

Older students are encouraged to consider our 4-credit program, where students earn four full credits for participating on three 13-day summer programs. Four-Creditors may combine outdoor and humanity credits across their three trips.

Parents are encouraged to contact Steven Gottlieb to explore the nuance of this program in greater detail.


Tuition: $9,500