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As a staff team, our mission is to build close connections and relationships with our students.

Once kids trust us and believe we will get their backs, amazing things start happening. They learn faster. Our school fills with joy and gut-splitting laughter.

Students’ respect must be earned by doing what we say we are going to do, adapting to their needs, and by simply being “real”.

We are looking for teachers, outdoor educators or those with counselling experience to join our band of merry maniacs, and help kids have the adventure of their lives.

When I asked J who his favourite teacher was this summer, he told me that they were ALL awesome.  He said that each & every one of his teachers helped him & encouraged him in each step of his time at Boundless. His only regret was that he didn’t find Boundless sooner!

We look for three areas of expertise. Possessing one is enough, two is incredible, and all three makes for a super hero.
The Teaching Focus
We hire certified teachers who can teach compulsory curriculum like English or History, but with a flair for an experiential approach.

Yet the capacity to teach high school curriculum isn’t sufficient. There must be some acumen in the outdoors, physical fitness and adeptness with teens.

The Outdoor Focus
About 75% of our program is in the outdoors. In the spring and summer, we do mostly whitewater – we feel the river in our bones. The rest of the year in our boarding school we do A LOT of outdoor stuff, a list too prolific to describe here.

Those that specialize in the outdoor focus are often certified teachers, but just as often have solid experience in recreation, especially camps and canoe tripping programs.

Having experience working with teens is also a huge asset.

The Counselling Focus
BSWs, MSWs, CYWs and other people with a history of working in adolescent mental health are suitable candidates. We have deliberately left this section rather vague – we encourage an initial email or phone call to explore in greater detail. Full time positions may be available from time to time.

How working at Boundless works

All new employees start with an orientation period at a wage of $2000/month, plus living expenses, for 3-4 months (6-8K).

Once the orientation period ends, full time and seasonal jobs are immediately available. 

We entertain applications year round, with three start dates – May 1st, September 1st and January 1st of every year.

How to Apply

Please note that most applicants require a Canadian Social Insurance Number and a driver’s license.


Steven Gottlieb, Executive Director   steven@theboundlessschool.com

Feel free to attach a few photos (optional) or images of some cool stuff you have accomplished.

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