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Students wanting to be accepted to our social program must be referred by one of our community partners. This partner list includes the Toronto Catholic School Board, Children’s Mental Health Agencies, Native Child & Family Services of Toronto, Children’s Aid of Ottawa, and Christie Lake Kids (Ottawa)


A chance for Ontario’s struggling youth to rediscover education and be accelerated towards the completion of their diplomas. Delivered from September to June (not a summer program).

Providing educational solutions for our Toronto/Ottawa partners who lack the resources to address the complex needs of their high-risk teens.

Evidence based education models that result in dramatically increased test scores in Math, English and other compulsory credits. Counselling, family and mental health support are meshed together with “school” and yield life-transforming outcomes for our students.

100% scholarships are provided to all students – 200 annually – referred by our Toronto/Ottawa Partners. This subsidy also applies to the 120 adult special need clients we work with each year.


Social programs are never mixed with our summer adventures. Our charitable work is 10 months a year. Our summer adventures are a separate social enterprise and yield profit to support our social programs. Cool, huh!

Social programs are not a chance for the general public to make inquiries. We only take referrals from our established Toronto/Ottawa community partners.

We don’t work in isolation; only in collaboration. Toronto/Ottawa agencies lend teachers, social workers, administrators and evaluation resources for a beautifully conceived partnership.

We are not simply an outdoor centre. We have ambitious goals for students to return to the educational fold, attain their diplomas, and in doing so, dramatically brighten their futures.


Q: Can I refer an individual?

Yes, but only for the Live In School. All other referrals are GROUP referrals of 10-15 students, made by our partner social agencies.

Q: Is there a cost to participants?

No. All social programs are 100% subsidized for students. Some referral agencies are required to pay a user fee. Please contact Steven Gottlieb for more details by emailing steven@theboundlessschool.com

Q: Can the general public participate?

No. All social programs are delivered in collaboration with with our partner social agencies and Toronto public schools.

Q: Are social programs mixed with our summer adventures?

No. Never. Both programs are completely seperate delivered at different times of the year.