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We are proud to have recently been recognized as the following by Charity Intelligence:

Top 10 Canadian Impact Charity 2020

Top 10 Impact: Canadian Youth Charity 2020

Top 5 Impact: Toronto Charities

Boundless is a registered Canadian charity. Our main focus from September to June every year to is support youth to attain their high school diplomas. We partner with the Ontario Government, both Toronto school boards and other Toronto social agencies to transform the lives of youth.

A Typical Day


Woke to the sound of staff dressed in costumes singing silly songs that bring us to morning stretches. Rolling our eyes, we drag ourselves to the front lawn and start twisting our bodies into pathetic pretzels. No one really cares too much about this, we are just together and feeling excited for the day.


We load our boats for a morning of whitewater training. They get us to learn to float in the rapids before canoeing in them. This is insane. But go figure, it worked. 7 boats tipped and we were all pretty laid back rushing down the river.


The sun is intense today and we head for shade. Wolfing down egg and tuna sandwiches, we tell each other stories and make thunder box runs. We use each other’s backs as seat-rests and talk about nothing important really.


Some of us choose fishing – a teacher is showing us how to clean them – others make crafts and giggle all afternoon. We come together at 5:00pm for a group sauna.


Fajitas, and more fajitas.


We were given the chance to do a casino night, as long as we organized everything. They mark us on this. Crazy, I know. Before bed, we de-brief the day and look for shooting stars.


Q: What do we do there?

All our programs are about adventure. On any given day you may be guiding a canoe, hanging from a harness on our ropes course or enjoying a campfire with your pals. Nearly all of our activities are done in small and large groups, so be ready to be participating with other people. We’re up early, we push ourselves, we eat well, we play hard and we go to bed- TIRED.