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English and Outdoor Education (OE)

2 Credit Program


Due to COVID-19 we will not be operating in the summer of 2020

Dates for 2021 coming soon 

Hear from our students


In a recent event that shocked our community, OE got down on one knee and proposed marriage to summer English curriculum. This was a humble move, for English has become the more popular of the two in summertime.

“If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em,” OE was recently quoted in the Palmer Rapids Tribune.

English was dubious at first.

“Why should I bother with an OE has-been who is obsessed with rivers and campfires-by-waterfalls?”

OE summoned its bug-bitten attempt at eloquence,

“Students will earn two credits in twenty-four days. I get that it’s no cake walk. It will be busy, busy and more busy. Yet there will be outrageous sunsets for poetry, novel-reading, whitewater, speeches to your peers and hiking to valley lookouts. Kids will be stars in their own nature  documentaries.”

English, obsessed with its own high standards, looked doubtful.

“I need no boost in my popularity,” English said with a swagger. 

So, the relentless OE pressed on with more details,

“Each day of the program will have one main focus – either OE or English, but we’ll never miss an opportunity to mix the two.  A day of fishing offers a great chance to develop your storytelling skills.  Having a hard time writing your descriptive poetry?  A quick flight on our 50-foot swing might get the creativite juices flowing!”

Surprisingly, English softened. It couldn’t resist the sublimity of the concept.

And so their union was born.

What Two Credits Can Be Earned?

Students can earn a combination of 2 credits.  One from our catalogue of Outdoor Education courses and a second at any level of Compulsory English:


  • Recreation Leadership PLF4M (qualifies for University Admissions), or
  • Leadership and Peer Support (Grade 11), or
  • Outdoor Education at all grade levels

+ PLUS +


  • Any level from Grade 9 Applied to Grade 12 University



Summer Adventures


Q: Where do we live? Are we staying in tents the whole time?
For Adventure courses about half the time we go out on canoe trips and live in waterproof tents, cook over fires, check out rapids, count shooting stars and eat great food that we lug with us into the wilderness. The camping is beautiful.

The other half of the trip you stay in lodges that are way nicer than a regular summer camp “cabin”. They are modern facilities with all the amenities of home, just a lot bigger. You’ll be sharing a room with 3 or 4 other students.

English is a little different

Q: What about food? Do we cook?
The food at Boundless is awesome. Ya, we know, we are supposed to say that. But really, the food is honestly great. The baked goods are ridiculous. There will be Boundless chefs who are dedicated to planning and preparing our food. You won’t be expected to cook at our base camp, but come ready to cook and show off whatever chef skills you have on the canoe-trip portion of the adventure.

Thank you for helping R become a more self-assured, successful teenager!