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Boundless Online School of The Humanities

Course Dates – Feb 15, 2021 – May 28, 2021
Cost – $1200 plus the cost of books
Courses – Grade 12 Philosophy and Grade 12 Studies in Literature (University stream)
Class Size: Twelve


Unfortunately, it worked.

“Best online course ever.”

“My kid actually learned something.”

“You (Boundless) ignited a passion for writing”.

Oh dear.

Seriously, we much prefer in-person education. We’ll continue to offer this. But digital education will linger as long as Covid, and perhaps forever more.

So, when in Rome…

We figure if we must crank up the WIFI and teach online, we might as well be the best in Ontario doing it.

We learned from the summer program that kids need to be engaged by content. They thrive with choice in texts and assignments. They prefer small group interactions and individual conferences to large group sessions. They sometimes need flexibility and sometimes they need a push. And (sometimes with a little prompting) they can advocate for themselves. Parents need to be left out the equations while the course is going on.

But mostly, we need brilliant teachers.

And that we have, in Jim Risk (Head of English at an Ottawa High School) teaching Studies in Literature; and in Tony Rupoli (former Boundless Principal) teaching Philosophy.

Get a load of how they describe their courses below:

HZT 4U – Grade 12 Philosophy

Prerequisite – Any Grade 11 or 12 university (U) or university/college (M) preparation course in Social Sciences and Humanities, English, or Canadian and World Studies.

Are you someone who Socrates would describe as a gadfly?  Constantly picking and poking and asking questions and never relenting in their search for truth and justice?  We will ask big questions like: What is real?  Can love be genuine?  Can war be fair?  Can I prove there is not a chocolate teapot flying through space? Be prepared to stare into the abyss of paradox, and question the very foundations of what we believe in the world.

ETS4U – Studies in Literature

Prerequisite – Grade 11 English (ENG3U)

Gilgamesh and Luke Skywalker could have an interesting conversation about the eerie similarity of their quests.  Athena and Galadriel could probably have a long talk about human vanity and temptation, as could Bluebeard and Satan. Prometheus and Coyote might discuss awkward moments in creation. Helen of Troy, Cinderella and Persephone could have a long conversation about the small-minded possessiveness of men.

The literature of myth and fairy tales is entertaining and psychologically sublime.


One evening a week we’ll have the class go online and learn together. Another evening a week students can connect with Tony and Jimmy one-to-one or in small groups. The rest is independent work with the occasional extra session.


Indeed, you can take these courses in the private sector for free. And other Ontario private schools are a lot cheaper. We believe at Boundless you’ll get what you pay for. Great teachers, tiny class sizes, and compelling curriculum.