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Our boarding school students, who are not thriving in the mainstream, get to take a hiatus from their everyday lives and start fresh. Teenagers choose to live in our engaging learning community, strategically earning credits in one or more of 30 and 40-day sessions, spanning September to March each year. Students develop a new relationship with learning and achievement.

The dates for the Boarding School are as follows:


May 9th – June 2nd, 2021

2 Credits

A Typical Day


Woke up to breakfast sandwiches, fruit and badly needed coffee. 5 people woke up early to go for a run and normally I’d go too but my legs are so sore from box jumps yesterday. I never thought I’d use the words “run” and “normally” in a sentence together but there is something nice about the air up here.


Math class field trip. We went to the local garage to listen to a mechanic teaching us how not to get screwed by a used car salesman. Followed that up with a trip to the grocery store, learning how to buy food on a budget; we were given a dollar amount and a partner to plan with. I spent 10 minutes trying to convince my new “husband” we can just drink tap water so we can afford the nice toilet paper.


Back at Boundless for lunch. Enough time for a 20 minute pickup game of basketball. Others are reading on the couch and it sounds like a few people are in the studio recording.


Spent the afternoon in English class – outside. Like a kilometre deep in the forest kind of outside. We read a couple of chapters from True Grit and I can picture the posse of bounty hunters trekking through the woods wondering if their fugitive will pop out from behind every tree. I was Interrupted by a lost fawn but couldn’t stay mad at it.


Dinner was awesome. I baked the dough, and we made pizzas from scratch.  Someone suggested we use pineapple, I tried to have him removed from the school but the teachers agreed we should give him a second chance.


We had a seminar on space tonight. I learned a few constellations and spent a good chunk of the night discussing the possibility of alien life with my roommates. Those not discussing space the seminar were in the fitness centre so it was still open after seminar.  I met up with the usual suspects and we pushed each other through a pretty intense workout.

I gained experience, knowledge of myself, perspective and gratitude. I became a stronger person.

Graduating from high school is a huge step for K and yet really it is only a small part of what he got from Boundless.