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The Boarding School is for co-ed teens
aged 15+ not engaged in the mainstream.


Teens earn credits in Math, English, History, Science, Art and elective curricula in hands on experiential ways.

Students regain a firm educational foothold by earning lost credits efficiently, so they may get “caught up” and re-energized. Some students plow ahead and complete their diplomas.

We support students with a 1:3 teacher to student ratio. We provide individual and group counselling and also offer next-steps planning.


Our emphasis is on education and building resilience through group process, high standards and complete buy-in by the kids.

We are not a boot camp. Students choose to participate. Boundless is a place of joy and kids often don’t want to go home when it’s over.

It is not an easy life. Students work hard here, are accountable to others, and excel because they feel themselves to be an intimate part of a team. Chores and civility and kindness are key.

It is not our summer program. There are desks and personal laptops and assignments and essays. It’s just that students and teachers really help each other and learning becomes a joy.

He is excited about his academic success. He saw himself as a learner and not an academic mess. He recognizes that he may have to look at different ways of learning to be successful and not just stay in his comfort zone. Boundless has been a real eye opener for P. Boundless has been a very positive experience for our family.

This is the best experience of my life. It was a place where I made friends and did a crazy amount of learning that I never would have done. Who thought I would ever nail Math and History. It’s amazing that someone like me was able to do something like this. Boundless will forever be a special place in my heart.