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Dear Boundless Families:

I learned the Toronto buses left at 8:07 this morning. That’s a record. A harbinger of a wonderful session? We shall see. It’s been off to a great start. I bet you think I say that to all the gals. I’m not like that. You’ll see.

It’s early to know anything substantial about the groups. They did arrive safely. That’s a blessing. Already I hear reports that both English classes are rocking. And OE, as is their wont, took off to the river to start training.

I’ll break down the three tribes in no particular order.

The Mixed English class – 22 students in grade 10 and 11 English – has an infamous course Director – one Aaron Amadio – who returns from a 5 year Boundless hiatus to corrupt the minds of youth.  His story is a meandering one. He taught English and Outdoor Ed at Boundless for 3 years. One morning way back when he bursts in my office and declares he is going to be a veterinarian. Just like that. And he did. Just like that.

He calls me in the Autumn of 2018, and informs me he is returning this summer to teach. “Anything works, but how about Biology?

“We don’t do biology in the summer. How about English”? Aaron frowns at this.

“Aaron, your participle is dangling”. He cracks up, yields, and your kids are all the better for it. I come to him this morning and ask him what’s the theme of the course.

“Perspectives”. That’s all he says.

“What the heck does that mean?”

“Exactly”, he affirms.

Aaron shall be beguiling your progeny with “The Life of Pi”, and a choice between “The Giver” and a graphic novel entitled “The Pride of Baghdad”.

I am told that these 22 kids have showed up to work (don’t have a coronary, I do mean your kids).

Next we have 23 students in grade 12 English – I call them 4Uers (inside course code lingo, now you’re an insider). I confess to not having visited them yet. Three days ago I learned they are entering a land of Dystopia. Max Dannenberg, their Course Director, surprised me with this. I was thinking he would focus on 20th century rural Germanic fashion, for Max has a penchant for Alpine wear and suspenders. He’s forever ready for Oktoberfest.

Instead, he is bringing out Huxley’s tried and true 1984, and a secondary choice of novels that include “American War”, “Never Let Me Go” and a third I can’t remember.

I really have no juice on OE, all 14 of them. But I am well acquainted with one in their midst, a 20 year-old phenom named Enock. He’s a 4-credit and boarding school student, hailing from Burkina Faso. His family decided an Ontario diploma is the way to go. His story at Boundless is a first. Never in our history have we “imported” a student onto the staff team such as we have with Enock. He showed up mature, ageless and wise, and with a work ethic and physique to rival a triathlete. I caught a glimpse of his group’s arrival where he was reaching out to the shy ones, bringing them under his wing, and in doing so, the community’s wing.

The weather up here is heavenly, bugs are virtually gone, the kids are primed. Day ones are always tricky, but this one has been smooth.

I will contact you in the next few days if your child is significantly struggling in any way. If you don’t hear from me, then crack open the Chablis.

A great week to you all!


Steven Gottlieb