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Dear Boundless Families:

All arrived safely. It tried to rain today – a few drops in a bucket now
depleted by 4 weeks of drought conditions. Flooding in the spring,
drought in summer. A refrain I fear we shall be hearing a lot.

But your kids couldn’t care less.

They are busy figuring out their new community, rife with berries,
bunnies and the beauty of early August water, trees, rock and sky. It’s
so elemental, this beauty up here.

There are three groups and I’ll break them down for you, and try to give
a grossly premature glimpse into events.

Starting with the Grade 12 English University kids, henceforth referred
to as 4Uers. six gals and 16 fellas. Take a guess which faction is
already ruling the roost. I happened upon them during their swim test,
dutifully and without complaint wearing full lifejackets, despite the
fact that 4 of them are lifeguards.

I acknowledge this absurdity publicly. They are intrigued by this old
guy who attacks a system he is accountable for. I say,

” Thank you all for putting up with this absurd swim test. Industry
standard you see. If we could, we would bubble rap you and spray you
with styrofoam.

They appreciate this, they really do, because now they won’t have to
roll their eyes furtively.

I ask three of the girls if there are any “mean ones” in their group.
They confide they are golden. They confess to relief at this prospect.

Of the three groups so far, this one seems the most at peace with their

Next is the mixed grade english class that present as many
idiosyncrasies as does the varied english curriculum.

Tony, their barefooted course director, declares the theme this session
is “identity” . Coming-of-age stuff. His line up of novels (different
for each grade) includes intriguing titles.

Washington Black
Absolutely True Diary of a Part Time Indian
Turtles all the Way Down
Black Swan Green
Signs Preceding the End of the World

Tony nearly spit up his lunch in laughter running an exercise where the
kids had to blink-response a one word description of their identities.
One student said “Potato”. There are 4 boy dudes in the group – the
machismo type – who changed their clothes 4 times this afternoon alone.

When we figure out this gang, we’ll let you know. They have spirit. They
make me smile. They have a kid with perfect 70’s hair – what’s not to like?

Finally the OE gang.  They are the hardest read. Mary- Michelle, their
leader with a name far too difficult to navigate – so everyone just
settles on Mary, or M&M – emerged from the bus with a calm face. There
is much to read in this calm. She assures me don’t be deceived. This
groups has every element of yearling primate behaviour in its midst.

I threw around a football with Gage, a returnee who brightens the world
around him with his internal combustion engine of goodness. There’s the
awkward, the nerdy, the jocks, the gals just a little more mature. I
want to give it a few days before I really can give you the juice on
this promising cohort.

It’s been a beautiful day one.

We shall contact you if we smell any issues with your child. If you
don’t hear from us, crack open your favourite poison and enjoy your long

Warm regards,