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Dear Boundless Families:

Churchill’s refrain of it being the “end of the beginning” rings true on this muggy but lovely day 4 evening.

Aside from two contraband cell phones (those buggers!) and an ear infection that isn’t really that bad, the beginning of this session has seen a ton of small victories. And it is these single base hits that are adding up to profound transformations for some of your kids.

Like English program Noah L. realizing he doesn’t have to stand on his head to achieve status in his tribe. Calming down, his impact is paradoxical, for he adds vivacity and beauty.

Like when smart ass Logan who responded to my question “whatcha doing?” with a bite, “Rap poetry. Do you know what Rap is?” This had me stumbling but chuckling, and I asked him to please excuse my senility, for sometimes I tend to involuntarily drool on students with attitude. He goes, “I like this old guy, he’s chill”. But Logan ‘s credit is misplaced, for it is he and his entire younger English class that are pretty chill, notwithstanding their heavy work load.

Like when both genders finally crossing the invisible boundary and are mingling like human beings. This is evidence that the kids are beyond posturing. This means they feel like they are at home.

Like when Maggie on day one started complaining about being in cell phone purgatory, and I respond, “Oh poor Maggie, having to talk to people like she’s in the 70’s, na na”. She giggles, but I assure her mom that Maggie knows what I mean by now, for she is taking so much joy in her classmates, and doesn’t feel alone when she learns.

Like when the older outdoor cohort scoped out a beaver swamp in an obscure part of our property not visited by sentient beings in over a decade. “What the hell are you guys gonna do over there?” I ask Tyler, their trip leader. Instead of being defensive, he proudly declares that, “we are moving around stumps and trees and getting muddy”. Dumbfounded, I ask “What’s the point?” Tyler, keeping his face straight as a laser beam replies, “There is no point”. “What about the three gals, did they buy in?” He told me they were the filthiest of the bunch.

The younger cohort. Hmm. I don’t mean to alarm you parents, but I am no longer certain they exist. I NEVER see them.  All I hear is that they are having the time of their lives and adore each other. Every last one of them. No fooling.

The end of the beginning means you haven’t been called, meaning parents can pretty much rest assured about their kids, meaning that parents can now assuredly rest, on this long weekend.

I wish you all a beautiful three days.

Warm regards,