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Dear Boundless Families:

We have 21 English students who are somehow managing to focus in this insane heat.

Their swim regimen is like a newborn’s breastfeeding schedule. If not every 2-3 hours, they get cranky. Joking around with a bunch of students at dinnertime, I got a few clues as to how these studious souls are really doing.

One kid told me, utterly dumbfounded,

“I am just not used to people being so good to each other. I can let my guard down.”

I believe that one of the best ways to take a temperature of a group is by getting the goods from the gals. I engage a gaggle of them just after chores, and ask them if they rule the roost. A little taken aback, the most brazen of them smirks and declares,

“We got them (the guys) under our thumbs. Well, not really, but kinda yes”.

Then, she reveals a perfect orthodontic smile, matched by her feminine partners in crime, and I know this group has found its groove.

To-To has them hopping. Notwithstanding the volume of reading (or a combo of reading/audio-booking for those with IEPs), Tony is mixing it up.

Yesterday they created and advertised their own mock companies. One in particular made me chuckle. Based on the premise that human beings are environmentally useless in our bottled water habits, they engineered a biodegradable bottle, called it H2GO, so people could remain idiots and toss the plastic trash anywhere. There commercial was amazing, highlighted by the tag line, “we care, so you don’t have to”.

Today they were on a field trip to shoot some short stories.

There is an emphasis on oral presentations. One particularly squeamish student, his anxiety heightened by humankind’s most popular phobia – public speaking – sauntered up to the podium with the barb,

“Listen up you Maggots”

This brought the house down, and you could just see his body inflate with the manna of confidence.

But enough about the English crew. On to what feels to me like the LOST BOYS (plus River), who took off two days ago, were supposed to come home tonight, until KK SAT PHONED me saying they just want to hang out another night in the river wilderness.

Who can blame them?

So I really don’t have much to report about the Goonies. They are back for sure tomorrow, but then take off the next day for their 6-day Dumoine River Expedition. I’ll join them on day 10 of their voyage, bearing chocolate and news of the outside world.

I do know that this group is still finding its sweet spot. It hasn’t come as easily as with the literary gang, but I believe that when they do triumph, it will be glorious.

I’ll write again in 3 or 4 days.

Warm regards,

Steven Gottlieb
Executive Director