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Dear Boundless Families:

All arrived safely. Thanks for everyone’s efforts on the swift getaway.  As if on cue, the sun started shining early afternoon, revealing a dogged heat that will surely be part of this session’s narrative.

It’s good to live by a river, that’s all I can say.

My formal day began at 7:12 am when another River, a student who holds this oddly appropriate middle name dear to her heart, called to tell me she and her dad are in a 401 nightmare, and that she might be late.

Dad was silent throughout this call, a devoted slave to her good fortune and letting her navigate her world. Its been that way from the beginning with these two, with River always taking the initiative in all things Boundless. I haven’t met River face to face yet, but I already admire her. She’ll be a gift to her outdoor cohort. She’s the only gal, so that should prove interesting.

Ah, initiative. That exquisite and often scarce nectar of the Gods. Everyone on this property shall be focused on this virtue. It’s how you thrive here.

There is not much to report yet, so please let me introduce you to a few Boundless staff who’ll be playing a big role in your kids’ lives.

The course director for the english class is Tony, AKA Tony Town, but more affectionately known as To-To, for his nieces and nephews adorn him with that loving sobriquet.  He moonlights as our Principal – so its a treat for the kids to see the Master teach. Slightly bow-legged, always shoeless in the summer, he’s obsessively strokes his beard, a finely tailored yet overgrown monstrosity. The whole package appears to be a cross between Rasputin and Socrates, in guile and in wisdom.

His deputy is Mary-Michelle. Also a teacher, her job is to mentor the group and keep it flowing. Folks around here pretty much gave up on calling her Mary-Michelle. The syllables can wear down even the strongest of characters, so she has charitably accepted “Mary” in its stead. And the name fits. Angelic in spirit. You know, scrap that. Yes, she is the most approachable human being on the planet, but its her work ethic that makes the meek drool with envy. Mary is one of those people that works so hard that those around her feel guilty for not picking up their own paces. This is one key to her leadership.

Those two are a killer combo, supported by 4 more who will lovingly keep your kids on their toes. I can finally reveal the two novels they shall be devouring. Hemingway’s FOR WHOM THE BELL TOLLS, and Kurt Vonnegut’s SLAUGHTERHOUSE FIVE, both war-themed novels. Tony’s gonna make those novels come alive and grab your kids by their hearts and minds.

As an icebreaker, Tony had the group interview someone else they didn’t know and write it down. The group approached this with about us much enthusiasm as going to the dentist. But the dividends started paying off. It broke the chill of formality. They’re on their way.

The Outdoor Group, referring to themselves as the Goonies for reasons I needed Google to help me fathom, is led by Kevin Klin, also known as KK. Think about it, anytime you address him as KK, you are assenting to something. Usually, its one of his many outlandish schemes. For example, he has a yen for spontaneous dance parties – his Polish Polka heritage gone horribly wrong. He inexplicably manages to get the even the most eye rolling and shy younglings to let down their hair with his charm and finesse.  That KK is going to lead those 11 lads plus River into something extraordinary. I am told their start has been somewhat muted. But they took off to the river a few hours ago, which is ancient history in the life of group process.

It’s been a lovely beginning. Nothing has crossed my desk. It’s early, I know.

You should expect to receive a few missives like this one throughout the session. If anything is amiss with your child – I’ll let you know. If you hear nothing, then that’s a good thing. Crack open the Chablis.

Thanks for sending your kids to us.