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Dear Boundless Families:
All 61 kids are in varying states of frolic and exhaustion. Some are contemplative. A bunch are huddled together, amazingly calm as they try to complete their written assignments on time.
But everyone is home. A relief to this old man.
Both outdoor crews arrived back to port safe, happy, bruised and stinky. They strut about like acne-prone peacocks, infused with pride because they figured out the river and the nuances of each other.
You will hear stories in just two more days. An infinite variety of tales about kids stretching themselves and peeing their pants with laughter.
Instead of detailed them, let me take a moment to offer my respect to a few kids. I couldn’t possibly get to know everyone, so please forgive the majority of omissions.
Respect, yo, to:
Kaedan, Katie and Connor for finishing their high school diplomas at Boundless. We’re gonna fete them tomorrow night, big time.
To Katrina, who learned that talking over people is not a way to fix other people talking over people. There are seeds of leadership in that gal, and we hope they shall sprout  in our boarding school.
To Rowan and Spencer, who opted out of their rightful place with the older outdoor crew, only to join the younger, and serve as their leaders and mentors. Their contributions were selfless, relentless and certainly joyous.
To Ted, simply for being Ted, who became such a point of light in his english class
To Connor K and Kyler, for being so adorable, inclusive and delightfully absurd.
Speaking of absurdity, how about Ryan wearing a dress throughout his Dumoine trip, and impossibly, contributing to an ethos of emotional safety for everyone.
To Vivek, our philosopher and english scholar, who shall finish what he started 39 days ago, overcoming mountains in doing so.
To Chloe, who is living proof that extroverted nerdiness (an oxymoron I know) can be a crucial ingredient in leadership. Chloe set the standard for girls being good to each other.
To C.S., who is figuring out that behaving like a dick won’t work. Kindness will. He took a huge step forward this session.
To Rebecca – we’re gonna miss you girl. Since the moment you picked up a paddle and a pen three years ago, your goodness infected everyone around you. You better apply to work here in five years.
I am going to miss this session. Lots of happiness and learning.
Your kids are wonderful.
One more admin email coming tomrrow.
Warm regards to all. Enjoy your reunions
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