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Dear Boundless Families:

Right now Klin (that’s Macky’s co-English leader) has your kids swinging to EDM (Electronic Dance Music), whilst they swing 60 feet in the air on a High Ropes Course.
Ah. The cynical would exclaim , “where’s the english in this english course”.
I swear there is. Scout’s honour. 
They are studying “Into The Wild” as their novel, a tale of a young man who shucks society in favour of the Alaskan wilderness, only to die tragically, alone, stewing in a cerebral stupour which failed him in the end.
Sounds inspiring, huh.
I begged Sam and Macky to find another novel. They looked at me as if I am their senile grandpa completely out of touch with modernity. They pandered, “Its okay Steve, yes dear, ..thanks for the feedback”.
And so I have become irrelevant. This state is enhanced by the fact that your kids are just rocking it here. I am the proverbial “Mr. Pink” of PULP FICTION, the guys who’s called in to fix problems. But no one is bothering me. I am unemployed today.
Which is to say that this session has become utterly blessed.
Every single teenage aspirant to becoming a human being has bought in, found a solid place in the pack and is learning a month’s worth of life each day. But more than just this. Kids are HAPPY. Like really happy. 
While I never attach photos, lest we start enabling parental addiction to communication, I could not resist sending the following image of an english student hard at work. The photo captures the essence of the beauty going on around here.
Bold left yesterday for a long long time. They will be learning complex skills. For only the 4th time in Boundless history, they shall be hiking up 500ft Bald Eagle Cliff on the Dumoine (Google the image). They are ambitious, cohesive and awesome.
Lo Lo’s group leaves tomorrow for the Dumoine. They have found their sweet spot already – quite early by our standards, and are completing their whitewater training today with a day-run down the Madawaska and its infamous “Rifle Shute” (also google that image)
The English folks – well, lets just say that they are digesting everything about this place. They feel so secure that they literally mock the danger of a 60 foot precipice by doing dance moves. This activity is part of their “recess”. They need to get out their ya yas out because they are really putting their noses to the grindstone. Classes end at 9:00pm each night (ish) Essay day is coming – so we shall see if their gaiety lasts.
Things are fantastic – knock on wood.
Until next time.