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Dear Boundless Families:

Yesterday the Ministry of Education conducted their bi-annual inspection. Given that the outdoor crew was long gonzo on the Dumoine, that left English Class to be the object of scrutiny.
Tony moonlights as our Principal when he’s not teaching English to your kids, so he’s the man on the hot seat for this investigation. Like he is about to receive a prostate exam, he waits patiently, albeit on edge, for Ms. Inspector to arrive.
Horrified for an instant, I notice that the Italian Stallion is without shoes.
“Really Tony, shoeless for the inspection?
“I don’t wear shoes in class. Why not be our true selves?”
I panic for an instant, and Tony ignites in laughter, knowing he just played me for the fool. “Don’t worry!”, and he reaches for his musty loafers that he inherited from his Nonno who wore them in the great depression.
The moment of truth came when the Inspector interviewed a bunch of your kids. I was struck by how they behaved like pubescent angels – as if they were in on some conspiracy to get our backs. Felt pretty powerful actually, and humbling they would feel that way.
The inspector was swept away. Why? Because your kids have been swept away.
In all our years teaching English, this class is the highest achieving, the kindest and the most extraordinarily cohesive we have ever seen. Just karma I guess.
Its the little things that stand out. Like Q, the youngest lass in the class (graduating grade 9), being exposed to the five older female students who are SERIOUS YOUNG WOMEN with talent and personal power. Q is drinking up their influence without even being aware she is sucking from the straw of maturation. Her life shall be forever changed as a result – Just you wait and see E.T. (mom).
Its not just how they learn, but how they hang together with such aplomb, as if they were at some english concert where they don’t mind being driven to work like dogs – which they are.
The Outdoor crew is in radio silence, for they are descending the Dumoine which is its own galaxy far, far away. This is an exercise in calculation and precision and reminds me of someone trying to learn an elaborate dance move that must be in perfect harmony with 20 other people. It aint easy. Your kids will have to be at their best while they fend off the pesky deer flies and having to DRAW HARD TO AVOID THAT ROCK.
The outdoor group (AKA Locals) did end up findings its sweet spot before it left. Their pot finally boiled over with joy. 
To whit – of the 14 noble adventurers, there is one young lad who is on the autism spectrum. Watching how the rest of the group has rallied around him, included him in EVERYTHING, protecting his dignity, inspiring him to go beyond his comfort zone – well, its enough to bring tears to your eyes.
Like English, this group has six young women – which is a lot for a regular Boundless class (usually 3-4). We braced for this high number on day minus one – not exactly thrilled about the higher than usual potential for drama. We have seen none of it.
Its mid July – the sun never fails to shine. The water temperature is 24 degrees. Air temperature between 25-30 – with cool nights. The entire valley has that exquisite smell that reminds you that life longs for itself everywhere. 
It could be a lot worse up here. You should be utterly green with envy. Hope you are somewhere almost as nice.
Warm regards,
Steven Gottlieb