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Dear Boundless Families:
Tony sent me the excerpt below as an internal communication, which I have now stolen and quote directly to you. Please be sitting in a chair, breath steady and strap on your Depends.
“When I mentioned that if they (the english students) finish the novel before other people I will give them more stories to read, their eyes light up.  
Students stop me during breaks to share their thoughts if we ran out of time to talk in class, or show me their poetry, or expand upon their writing
Just the fact that I have time to write this right now is fantastic.  Its day 2 night and they’ve already done 4 pages of novel study questions, 2 writing assignments, debated persuasive strategies for 3 hours and filmed commercials and do not feel or act overwhelmed (yet)
They are so inclusive and welcoming the pockets of interaction are constantly ebbing and flowing into each other, and has absorbed members of Tyler’s (Outdoors) group as well
I saw one young fella check in with another student as she stressed a little over her work (she’s an unabashed perfectionist) and offer support in a very genuine, caring way
Volunteers are endless, the class is generally spotless and chores are fun and much pride is felt.
I feel blessed to have these guys as my class so far.  And i know I just jinxed it, but its bad luck to be superstitious.”
Presuming the reader has not suffered a coronary – yes these are your kids we are talking about – just know that this astounding class keeps getting better. I can’t account for it. Pure magic. 
As for the Outdoor Crew – one shouldn’t waste too much time watching their pot boil – because you will have to wait – but sure enough, their bubbles are starting to come to the surface.
Their theme is “Going Local”.
This does not refer to buying organic in your hood – Tyler is too John Wayne to go all Joan Baez on us – “Going Local” means that being bereft of technology or the latest fads in teenage distraction is like living in the country – and still figuring out how to have a good time, all the time. That we take care of our own. That we know each other’s business and build respectful fences.
Virtually all have signed on in spirit in the outdoor crew. The few outliers are dwarfed by the rests’ goodwill. So the water could be roiling pretty soon. They raft on the Ottawa River tomorrow, and head to the Dumoine River in Quebec on Wednesday for 6 days.
I know, tough life.
The fact that you haven’t heard from me by now is a pretty great sign that things are well with your young-un – I would have called you otherwise.
So kick back and enjoy your break. Things are pretty sweet up here. BIG KNOCK ON WOOD.
Warm regards,