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Below is quote from our clinical team, musing about what’s working right in our boarding school:

“By and large, the students have shown incredible progress this first session. There are daily struggles – conflicts, fatigue, frustrations, chores – yet students have shown a remarkable ability to face these challenges and persevere.

In the past few weeks, we’ve had parents ask: “What’s the secret” – how do you get my son/daughter to go to class / do chores / get out of bed / follow rules? The answer is simple, but not easy:

At Boundless, a small army of adults focus all their energy on ensuring each student gets what they need to succeed every day. If a student needs a push, we push. If they need space to try something on their own, we give space. If they NEED a reminder, we remind. If they need to fail, we let them fail.

We offer firm and fair boundaries, sustained over time and a mountain of support to help students meet the incredibly high expectations of the community. It’s a delicate dance of being both supportive AND demanding.

And it works. Balancing “support and demand” is the real Boundless magic. The community that is created by this alchemy forms a foundation which allows students to achieve extra-ordinary things. Perhaps you’ll hear a glimmer of this magic as students return home with stories in a few days’ time.”

So, easy peasy, right? I am sure all your homes have an “army of adults” to keep teens on the path to becoming human beings.

Just in case you don’t, the principle outlined still holds water. Our boarding school students are coming home more resilient and keen to learn. All the momentum needed for positive growth. The artistry involved in knowing how and when to pull and ease on the reins of adolescence takes commitment. We are glad to be a partner in this process.

Best wishes,