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Dear Boundless Families:

Everyone arrived safely. Thanks to you all for a morning of perfect execution.

There are a number of anomalies and beautiful circumstances going on about me.

The older group, whom I’ll dub the Seniors, have 8 girls, exactly half the number in their cohort. This is almost unprecedented. Its typically 1/3 at most. This bounty of estrogen should prove fascinating. If they are good to each other, they will carry the group – there are some powerful personalities there.

Two older boys, both Boundless superstar alumni, are two credits from graduating with their full diploma. They have both elected to “intern” with the the younger group, and are proving an asset.

We have one girl from Shanghai. Her English is modest at best. Already, her three female roommates have rallied around her and are behaving like her emotional bodyguards. This is exquisite to see . She was introduced to her first Canadian Shield Deer Fly – so prevalent on a sticky day such as today. She was carefully instructed on the fine art of becoming a Deer Fly serial killer.

The 4-creditors and multi-creditors are acting like they own the place. They know the routines. They empathize with the nuances of Day 1, and are being patient and supportive of others.

The younger group – the Juniors – were busy at dinner chores when I came by. The Seniors- those scoundrels – were nowhere to be seen. I learned they took off for the river, and are probably swimming in the rapids as i write.

I came upon a scene today where a younger kid got a frisbee like toy stuck on our roof. She came to a teacher and asked for a rope to retrieve it. How hopeless. A second kid approached. More pathetic attempts failed. Then a third kid joined; soon a fourth, and before you can say “murder a deer fly”, half the group is involved.

And it felt like time travelling.

Seriously, how many kids do you see nowadays trying to get a ball off a roof. Between the gaming, the ubiquitous screens, the pre-programmed highly controlled teams and clubs, the academic pressure to conform to a one-size fits all learning style – its no wonder that anxiety is becoming almost an epidemic in today’s teens.

So when I see these kids just hang out together, tip-toe, prod, poke, navigate, process and absorb their new digs, its feels like old times. When you had to talk to each other. Where eye contract reigns supreme. Where spontaneous play makes you forget your baggage and just be in the moment.

This is what is happening here with your kids.

Its been a beautiful day one. It’s a bonus to be by a river, I can tell you that. This property is just teeming with energy. The game is afoot.

I’ll write again in 3 or 4 days again. If you do not hear from us by that time, you can safely infer that your child is rocking the place.

Warm regards,