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Dear Boundless Families:

What happens at Boundless stays at Boundless.

Its not about dark secrets. It’s just that what your kids have gone through is so difficult to describe . Every student has been through something profound, and some may struggle for words to describe it.

This matters not. Their rosy cheeks and immortal mojos will tell the story. You will see a skip in their step tomorrow.

The outdoor crew will need to sleep for a full day. Their composition, mostly grade 8 and 9 grads peppered with three precocious girls, found their balance at the post. This, in spite of how utterly hard they worked.

Being younger teens, some days they would wake up like monsters; while others days they behaved like Rhodes Scholar candidates. But the cumulative effect these past 12 days has seen an improvement in work ethic, a cacophony of whining that eased in its intensity, and just simple gut-splitting fun.

The english kids are going home better writers. The relentless demands to produce – no time for writer’s cramp here – evoked anxiety for some. Their sighs of relief at the completion of their mid-term essay felt like a wind across the valley, blowing away what was some pretty epic storms.

The english students enjoyed each other so much. Some best friendships have been forged – no kidding. One student said this is the way school is supposed to be. Heads up parents, some of your kids will never want to take english at a regular high school again. The earlier grade kids are boldly signing themselves for next year!

It ‘s been a privilege working with your kids this session. Such a delightful experience for the whole community.

Enjoy your reunions. For the families of 2-creditors and 4-creditors, we look forward to your kids’ return.

Kind regards,

Steven Gottlieb
Executive Director
The Boundless School